Akashic Records

Why Going into your Akashic Records is Important

When I tell people that I’m an Akashic Reader most do not understand what that means & who would even want to go into their records.

The Akashic Records are a collection of our souls entire history from the moment we were created to now. Our experiences over this lifetime and other lifetimes are recorded in the Akashic Records.

It’s not just our experiences that are recorded in the Akashic Records.

  • Animals
  • The Planet
  • Societies
  • Our Businesses

As we go through life we experience a variety of experiences some good and some really bad. Our records house these experiences and these experiences continue to impact us today. 

Sometimes we wonder why we can’t seem to get a certain aspect or aspects of our life right, perhaps it’s money or love. 

Our records hold the answers to these blocks. 

Why Going into our Records is Important 

Our records hold the answer to many different things:

  • What is our purpose in this life
  • Why we keep hitting the same blocks over and over again.
  • Why we are drawn to certain places, experiences, and people.
  • How to improve our business
  • How to sell a house or a car
  • How to feel more connected to our guides & the divine (God/Goddess)

Once you know where you want to look, and can formulate your question.

I recommend going to a certified Akashic Reader. Certification means that the reader has undergone training and knows how to accurately retrieve information.

I want a Akashic Reading:

I offer affordable readings which can be purchased here:

Akashic Reading

Get an Akashic Reading

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